After Yugoslavia, Ukraine ?

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Senator John McCain, who monitored the «Orange Revolution» of 2004 and supports jihadism in Syria, addresses protesters on Maidan Square, 15 December 2013 . Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok can be seen on his right.

Public opinion in Western Europe is wrong to regard the Ukrainian crisis as a showdown between Westerners and Russians. In reality, Washington’s goal is not to push the country into the arms of the European Union, but to deprive Russia of its historical partners. To do this, the United States is prepared to ignite a new civil war on the continent.

After having dismembered Yugoslavia during a ten-year civil war (1990-1999), has the United States decided to destroy Ukraine in a similar way? This is what could be inferred from the maneuvers that the opposition is poised to launch during the Sochi Olympic Games.
Ukraine has been historically divided between, in the West, a population turned towards the European Union and, in the East, a population oriented towards Russia, plus a small Muslim minority in Crimea. After the country‘s independence, the government gradually crumbled. Taking advantage of the confusion, the United States organized the «Orange Revolution» (2004) [1], which brought to power a mafia clan, equally pro-Atlanticist. Moscow responded by lifting its subsidies on gas prices, but the Orange government could not rely on its Western allies to help pay the market price. Ultimately, it lost the 2010 presidential election in favor of Viktor Yanukovych, a corrupt politician, and an on again/off again pro-Russian.
On 21 November 2013, the government renounces signing the Association Agreement negotiated with the European Union. The opposition responds with protests in Kiev and in the western part of the country, which quickly take on an insurrectionary appearance. It calls for early presidential and parliamentary elections and refuses to form a government when approached by President Yanukovych and the Prime Minister resigns. The events are baptized Euromaidan, then Eurorevolution, by Radio Free Europe (run by the State Department).
The crowd control for the opposition is provided by Azatlyk, a group of young Crimean Tatars who returned from Jihad in Syria especially for the occasion [2].
The Atlanticist media champion the cause of the «democratic opposition» and condemn Russian influence. High-profile Western figures turn up to manifest their support to the protesters, including Victoria Nuland (Assistant Secretary of State and former Ambassador to NATO) and John McCain (Chairman of the Republican branch of the NED). For its part, the Russian press condemns protesters who have taken to the streets to overthrow democratically elected institutions.
Torch-lit march of 15,000 Nazis in Kiev on 1 January 2014.
At first, the movement seemed to be an attempt to orchestrate a second «Orange Revolution.» But on 1 January 2014 the power in the street changes hands. The Nazi «Freedom» party organizes a 15 000-strong torch-lit march in memory of Stepan Bandera (1909-1959), the nationalist leader who allied himself with the Nazis against the Soviets. Since this event, the capital has been covered with anti-Semitic graffiti and people are attacked on the street for being Jewish.
The pro-European opposition is made up of three political parties:
- The All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" (Batkivshchyna), led by the oligarch and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (serving a prison sentence following her convictions for embezzlement) and currently headed by lawyer and former Parliament speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk. It stands for private property and the Western liberal model. It garnered 25.57% of the vote in the 2012 parliamentary elections.
- The Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (Udar), of former boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko. It claims to identify with Christian Democracy and picked up 13.98% in the 2012 elections.
- The All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" (Freedom), led by the surgeon Oleh Tyahnybok. This political group sprang from the National Socialist Party of Ukraine. It promotes the denaturalization of Jewish Ukrainians. It won 10.45% of the vote in the 2012 parliamentary elections.
These parliamentary parties have the support of:
- The Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, a Nazi splinter group from the former NATO stay-behind networks in the Eastern Bloc [3]. A Zionist, he calls for the denaturalization and deportation of Ukrainian Jews to Israel. He received 1.11% of the vote in 2012.
- The Ukrainian Self-Defense, a nationalist splinter group that sent its members to fight the Russians in Chechnya and Ossetia during the Georgian conflict. It got 0.08% of the vote in 2012.
In addition, the opposition has received the endorsement of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in revolt against the Moscow Patriarchate. Ever since the Nazi Party took over the streets, the demonstrators - many of them wearing helmets and dressed in paramilitary uniforms - have erected barricades and stormed government buildings. Certain elements of the police force have also displayed great brutality, going so far as to torture detainees. A dozen protesters were killed and nearly 2,000 were wounded. The unrest spread to the western provinces of the country.
According to our information, the Ukrainian opposition seeks to import military materials acquired on parallel markets. It is obviously not possible to purchase weapons in Western Europe and bring them in without NATO’s green light.
Washington’s strategy in Ukraine would appear to be a combination of proven "color revolution" recipes with others recently concocted during the "Arab Spring" [4]. Moreover, the United States makes no effort to hide it, having dispatched two officials, Victoria Nuland (deputy to John Kerry) and John McCain (who is not only a Republican senator, but also the chairman of IRI, the Republican branch of the NED [5]) to support the protesters. Unlike Libya and Syria, Washington does not have jihadists on hand to sow chaos (except for Tatar extremists, but they are only located in Crimea). It was therefore decided to lean on the Nazis with whom the State Department worked against the Soviets and has organized in political parties since Ukraine’s independence.
The inexperienced reader may be taken aback by this alliance between the Obama administration and the Nazis. However, it must be remembered that Ukrainian Nazis were publicly honored at the White House by President Reagan, including Yaroslav Stetsko, Ukrainian Prime Minister under the Third Reich, who became the head of the anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations and a member of the World anti-Communist League [6]. One of his deputies, Lev Dobriansky, became U.S. ambassador to the Bahamas, while his daughter Paula Dobriansky served as Under Secretary of State for Democracy (sic) during the George W. Bush administration. It is the same Ms. Dobriansky who for ten years sponsored a historical research with the aim of clouding the fact that the Holodomor, the famine that hit Ukraine in 1932-33, also devastated Russia and Kazakhstan, thereby reinforcing the myth that Stalin was determined to eliminate the Ukrainian people [7].
In fact, Washington, who had supported the German Nazi party until 1939 and continued to do business with Nazi Germany until the end of 1941, never had a moral problem with Nazism, not more than it has today in providing military support to jihadism in Syria.
Western European elites, who use Nazism as a pretext to harass firebrands - as seen with the "quenelle“ controversy over French comedien Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala [8] - seem to have forgotten what it really is. In 2005, they closed their eyes to the rehabilitation of Nazism by the President of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, as if it were something trivial [9]. On the simple strength of statements in favor of the European Union, and wrapped up in their blissful Atlanticism, they are now in cahoots their worst enemy.
Civil war could well start in the Ukraine during the Olympic Games in Sochi.
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2 σχόλια

  1. This article is a pure russian bull shit.

    Yes, Ukraine is not perfect. But Ukrainians have things that most countries dream of: They have spirit - one that is more unbreakable than diamonds; a spirit that has been passed on since the days of the Kozaks. Ukrainians have unity - a trait so evident that it burns brighter than the summer day's sun. Ukrainians have hope - the only emotion that can bring fear to its long-awaited death. Most importantly, Ukrainians have nationalism that has lasted for millenniums - through Peter the Great, Lenin, Stalin, Putin, and Yanukovych.

    Ukrainians are ready for the fight, or maybe even the war. Their frustration and anger has been painfully passed down generation by generation; but it won't be anymore. The people have collectively agreed to take the ultimate sacrifice. They realize that it is better to die fighting for freedom rather than die being slaves. And these aren't only the people in Kyiv, it is the tens of millions of people in every corner of Ukraine. Even Eastern Ukrainians, who were thought to be pro-Russian, have come out and protested in the masses.

    This revolution is not about the European Union, and it is officially no longer about joining Europe. It is now about saving a nation that is collapsing by the day.

    The peaceful approach has been taken, but it has failed. Several Ukrainians woke up a month ago, and decided to fulfill their civic duty and support the people. However, these citizens with friends and families, never woke up again. With hundreds dead, and the Dnipro River turning red, there is no going back. Violence has struck the very heart of Ukraine's capital and it continues to spread furiously throughout the country.

    Whether you are Ukrainian or not, you must understand that what is going on indescribable. Seeing Maidan burn for hours without end, seeing the Ukrainian flag being taken down by riot police, seeing black clouds surrounding a city with so much culture and history, seeing motionless bodies covered, seeing police killing their brothers and sisters without a second thought, seeing medical units and opposition leaders getting targeted and tortured, being told that we are terrorists, that we are neo-nazis and radicals...

    We are not radical. No Ukrainian with the aim of overthrowing the current government is radical. The government is radical, it is an institution of criminals and murderers. Ukraine needs to be saved, its people do not deserve this. Ukrainians are the most friendly, hospitable, entertaining, and warm people you will ever meet. But now they are out on the front lines, fighting for their dignity and for their country. It's time that we - the entire world - help them.

    About ethnic minorities on Maidan:
    Among first killed protesters are people from Armenian (Sergey – Samvel Nigoyan) and Byelorussian (Mihail Zhiznevskiy) origin.
    A little bit more about mafia state:
    Situation has nothing in common with Yugoslavia except strong interests of Russia in the region (coupled with strong propaganda). Among your references there are no sources with good fame.

  2. Or if you want and really have time, read some scientists historians, not propaganda. Start with Timothy Snyder "Bloodlands". If books are too big 4 u, then, his atricles
    Good notes are made by German businessman in Ukraine Tobias Ernst: or

    For all the rest, may Google help you! And open your mind.

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